How much does it cost to get certified?

The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver class is $395.  The cost includes everything except your personal gear. It includes all learning materials, pool fees, open water site fees, certification fees, and all scuba equipment.  There are no other fees you will have to pay. 

What is personal gear?

Personal gear is your mask, snorkel, fins, and dive boots. 

How much is personal gear?

Personal gear ranges from $220 to $500 depending on what you select.  Most of our students spend between $250 and $300.  

How long does it take?

Short answer: It takes about a week. 


Long answer: Mastery of all skills is required to receive certification. The normal schedule is four evenings Monday through Thursday for academics and pool sessions starting at 6:00 pm to ending between 9:30-10:00 pm.  Friday evening is available if any student needs additional time in the pool to work on skills.  Saturday & Sunday are dive days where we complete your open water dives!  We normally meet at 7:00 am and get finished around 5:00 pm.

What time does the class start?
The class starts at 6:00 pm during the week and we meet at 7:00 am on the weekends for the open water dives.
Do you offer weekend-only classes?
YES! As long as two people sign up we can do all your training over two to three weekends at no additional charge.  Please realize the weekends may not be consecutive due to our established class schedule.
I still have more questions
Please contact us and we will answer it.